Houseboating News Editions

Learn more about houseboating and the family of Forever Resorts marina locations all across the USA. Each newsletter issue offers information on safe boating, vacation planning and sample itineraries - and of course seasonal special vacation packages to help you get the most of your next houseboat trip.

June 2015 - Celebrate Independance!

The freedom of the wide open waters is a great way to celebrate the 4th of July! Check into this issue for some great last minute holiday food tips.

No weekend plans yet?
Check out some last minute houseboats (there are three in California) for the weekend and also on Lake Mead (three there too!).

Sample a delicious recipe for a simple dessert that packs well and...
it's time to start thinking about Fall Houseboating!

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May 2015 - The Don't Forget Issue!

Things change during the summer season. Plans change, fleets change, reservations change. Take a look at the possibilities that these changes might make for you and your plans.

More houseboats arrive at Lake Powell just in time for the summer season along with two dozen brand new PWCs. The theme this month is Don't Forget so take a look at tips from the experienced! Happy Houseboating!

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April 2015 - Summer Planning

So... The 2016 dates are now available. 2016? Yes, 2016!!! It's never too early to plan. Many of the lakes were sold out during the peak summer weekends this year. Don't let that happen to you next year!

Plus, check out the top ten things that houseboaters usually run out of! And... don't wait to book your small boats, your deck boats, PWCs and your kayaks ahead of time. There's nothing worse than getting to the marina and being told that they are sold out on the extra "toys" that you wanted. Happy Houseboating!

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March 2015 - Taking Care of Business

Morning Commutes, board Meetings, Family Business, Driving and Morning Traffic are all on board in this month's issue of Waterways!

Take a look at who does the "driving" on a houseboat vacation and learn the secret of the early board. Discover how a small change in the way you pilot the boat can cut your fuel consumption in half and... catch some savings on a 4 day getaway! It's all here in this month's issue!

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February 2015 - Getting Connected

It's time to start planning for the upcoming summer season and the big questions still need to be answered:
~Who's coming?
~What should we bring?
~When are we going?
~What should we rent?

The life questions still remain too:
~Are you so connected...
~That you feel disconnected...
~From what's important?

So take a quick read in this month's issue and find the "Right Balance," look into some real "Morning Traffic," and take care of your own "Family Business!" Thanks for reading!

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January 2015 - Houseboats & Football!

Well, it's that time of year again. Time to think football and time to think houseboating too! Take a light hearted look into the comparative advantages of watching the big game, or any game for that matter, on a houseboat.

Fuel prices, water levels, and travel shows are all on the field too in this months edition!

Need some savings for your summer vacation this year? Call in and ask for help from the official Forever Vacation Referees. They're here, ready and waiting, to help you score your own Touchdown Savings.

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December 2014 - The Santa Issue

Where is Santa?
Check out this month's issue of Waterways and see if you can find all of his pictures in the newsletter. There are actually ten!

~ Is he on the waterslide?
~ Is he on jet ski?
~ Is he lounging on the top deck?
~ Well, the answer is all of the above and more!

Check in for some fun light reading and if you need some help with holiday specials... the Holiday Helper Elf Line has now been activated!

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November 2014 - The Thanksgiving Strategy Issue

Thanksgiving is the perfect time, with family and friends all in one place to plan your houseboat vacation for next year. If you're thinking about bringing up the subject of next years summer vacation over the holiday, then this issue, The Thanksgiving Strategy Issue is for you!

Look into the Map Strategy, the Tablet Strategy, and the Boomer Strategy! Then read on for more tips and suggestions to help you truly strategize and plan. Prepare to Prepare!

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October 2014 - Where Did The Year Go?

Can you believe it's almost Halloween? Check in to this month's issue of Waterways for a pretty sweet idea to keep the mud and sand off of your front deck and consider a swell food shopping idea

The National Park Fee Free Days for 2015 have been announced and the 2015 houseboat vacation season is already booking up! Grab your dates while there is still a great choice of marinas and houseboats available.

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September 2014 - Lake Mohave Is Full!

Check out details about one of the best kept secrets in the southwest ~ Lake Mohave! It is almost at "Full Pool." Read on about Cottownood Cove Marina on the lake and a great Fall special for houseboating while the water's still warm!

Fee free Days in the national parks are highlighted and there's also a review of Raft Adventures that start out at the base of Hoover Dam! Group planning? Events? Read on!

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August 2014 - Labor Day? Already?

Hold on tight as we jump a few waves this month with some last minute deals and some fun stories. Take a look at a recent news video from Lake Mead in Nevada and look into the story about an airplane that touched down at Oak Bottom Marina in California.

Want to know what the top rated houseboat vacation treat is? Read on! "Believe it or not..." What do you think about the lake legend in this month's issue?
And... take a look at the Snow Coaches heading into Yellowstone soon! "Snow?" Fall is on the way!

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July 2014 - Your Summer Lake Report!

Get the latest news and quotes from all of the lakes.
"The water may be low at some, but the fun is as high as ever!"

California lakes, Trinity, Berryessa, Don Pedro, and Oroville are all open for business too with more than enough water to launch a fabulous houseboat vacation. Arizona and Nevada lakes are good to go too! Check out the details. There's plenty of the houseboating season left!

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June 2014 - Line 'em up! Summer's here!

Summer getaways small & large are on the plate this month. Check out this issue full of great ideas to make your upcoming houseboat vacation even better. Link to a couple fun YouTube videos, investigate three things not to miss, and take a look at the special Forever Resorts marina discounts for active military and veterans.

Lake Mohave dates in 2015 are now available for all boat models and now is a great time to make that must-have reservation for next year. And finally, look at the origins of Waterways content and consider sharing some of your stories and fun with other Waterways readers.

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May 2014 - Summer officially in full swing!

Check in this month for some fun planning tips including a variety of interesting takes on what to do with a toaster waffle on a houseboat
along with some easy take along reminders and...
the top five treats to freeze on a houseboat vacation!


~Free entrance days at the National Parks
~2015 dates for Callville Bay Marina are now available for booking!
~And... last but not least, we want to hear from you! Happy Houseboating!

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April 2014 - Are you ready to launch? We are!

Well, the fleet's ready and summer is finally about here. Check in for a light look at patio pontoons, kayaks, and a fun new way to use Eggos on a houseboat vacation?

And... take a serious look at the difference between water depth and surface area when it comes to fun on a lake.

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March 2014 - Toys!

They're not just for kids... Take a look at the toys of summer and get a feel for the real fun of the season coming soon. Can you believe it's already the end of March?

Look into the near "Full Pool" water levels on Lake Mohave in Nevada and discover summer fun in the pines of Northern California. Bring em' on, fast or slow, it's almost summer!

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February 2014 - The Top Deck Issue

Get to the top of matters with this special issue of Waterways!
~ Elevators on houseboats? Read on:
~ Top Deck tactics? Read on:
~ Top Deck Targeting? Read on:
~ Top Deck Picknicks? Read on:

Plus... Dive into the controversy between water surface area and water depth and contemplate the difference it may make on your summer fun!
And... Stay longer to save big! Read on in this months issue of Waterways!

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January 2014 - Everyone needs a break!

Want to know whare Santa goes after the holidays to rest up? A houseboat of course, and we have the proof in this month's issue of Waterways! Find out what that new decking is made of and get the latest on the water levels at lake Mead in Nevada.

Travel shows are coming up in several California cities and your Forever team will be there. Discover some sleeping secrets and look into a houseboat that is not quite "all there" but still a really great boat! See you on the water soon. Summer's coming!

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December 2013 - Season's Greetings!

Get into the spirit of the season with some fun easy reading! Have you ever seen a houseboat out of the water next to a car? How about a houseboat decorated with lights for the holidays? Houseboat ornaments and gift giving tips are all featured in this months issue! And... find the answer to the question, "No room for rubber duckies?" in a Waterways first-ever editorial!

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November 2013 - Happy Thanksgiving!

The holidays are just around the corner! Whew, where did the year go?

This month's edition features some great planning tips, an offer of help, and some delicious thoughts.

Get ready for the Black Friday special too. (You don't even have to leave the house!) there is even an active countdown clock running!

The Girls Are Back too. They take a houseboat trip on lake mead every year and they want you to know their story. Read it all and more in this month's issue of Waterways!

Thanks for reading and Happy Thanksgiving!

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October 2013 - Bring On The Music!

News about the 89T and an awesome Lake Lover's Tip of the Month should make this a fun easy read before you start trick or treating! How about bringing along some music for your next trip? Read about some of the hidden treasures at Lake Powell that are surfacing after being under water for years!

Now is a great time to lock in your dates, boat model and location for next year! Don't forget to reserve your small boats now too, while the selection is great! Have you ever hosted a houseboat TACO night? Check out this month's port side musing, Steve really out did himself this month! &nbso; Happy Houseboating!

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September 2013 - Breathe it all in... true, unedited colors...

The fall is here, the lakes are still warm and the crowds are gone. Now is a sweet time for fall houseboating! Check out the latest information on the Colorado river lakes and don't miss a great opportunity to save on your houseboat vacation next year. The early birds do catch the worm!

Great food at the lake seems to be a good idea this time of year. Check out some delicious ideas for Lime Zest Chicken, Brownies, and guacamole on the run! And the big question of the issue is, will she get up on her first try?

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August 2013 - Hidden Magic!

Fall is a great time of year to hit the lakes. The water's still warm, the crowds are gone, and the days are starting to cool off. Take a look at some great specials for this year and a special Waterways reader special for next year too!

Navajo Route 20 is almost paved and will be called US 89T when it's finished, making the trip to Lake Powell a lot quicker! Kayaks anyone? Did you miss these popular articles? Read on and we'll see you out on the water soon!

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July 2013 - Time to get out of the office...

Get onboard during a great time of year to houseboat on your favorite Waterways! Late summer and early fall are usually perfect with the water still warm and the air temps cooling down. Look into the possibility of hosting a business meeting, retreat, or family getaway using multiple houseboats!

Bagpipes on the marina? New boats at Pleasure Cove? A fun video link? A Waterways "Insider" tip? Napa Valley Wine packages? Fall fun in Northern California? Read on...

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June 2013 - Summer grillin' and water fun!

Summer is finally here in all it's glory. Get inspired to create a truly memorable summer vacation on a houseboat - and include the whole gang! This issue shows off some tasty grillin' and lots of fun on the water.

Plus there's still time to reserve your houseboat for time on the water this season - and of course Fall trips are just around the corner!

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May 2013 - Launch Your Summer In Style

Check into some last minute planning details to make your summer houseboat vacation extra special and discover some different uses for Tit Tac boxes and zip lock bags!

Make sure you reserve your small boats while there is still a good supply of the craft you want on the dates you need. Summer is here! See YOU out on the water!

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April 2013 - Summer Kickoff Edition

Get ready to enjoy the fun and sun of houseboating. We're ready to welcome you and your group. Come enjoy the water and beach along with the comforts of a deluxe houseboat.

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March 2013 - Spring & Easter Edition

March is over and Spring is in the air! This issue of waterways is dedicated to Easter colors, fresh improvements at the marinas for the coming season, and of course the fun of houseboating with your family and friends.

Of course we want to inspire you to start planning your own houseboat vacation at one of the beautiful lakes we call home. Come, take a look at what we've been up to over the winter and see if you too start to get a little Spring Fever right along with us. That's okay ~ we just happen to have the perfect cure!

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February 2013 - What's On Your Summer Vista?

"Custom Coving" on Lake Powell takes on a whole new meaning with a Forever crew member to take you, your houseboat, and your whole crew out on the lake. Apples and peanut butter? A game controversy? Read all about it in this month's edition of Waterways!

But wait, there's more! Pilot your own vacation savings, check out all of the variables, and pilot your way to some sweet summer fun!

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January 2013 - Houseboats, Custom Tailored Trips, Snow & Slumber Parties

Check out the latest news from Northern California where the snow is still falling on the Forever fleet of houseboats. The silver lining to it all, however, will be this summer when all that snow melts into the lakes! There is a fun photo trick and an invitation to share your more interesting vacation photos as well. And... look into the fun slumber party potential on the 50' houseboats.

Custom Tailoring your vacation is one of the big, no HUGE, benefits of renting houseboats from Forever Resorts. Unique in-the-industry features make each Forever Houseboat rental a custom tailored fit to your vacation needs. Check out why and get help custom tailoring your own time out on the water. Summer is on the way!

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December 2012 - Winter Whiteout

Check out what a real whiteout should look like! January is usually a big booking month and houseboat dates usually fill up fast. Look into the DIY trend and decide for yourself if there is anything new with "DIY"

The Fido picture of the month features a 14 year tubing veteran and the chance to be featured next month is yours! Use the special link for free tickets to the Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show, January 12-13. Thanks for reading Waterways and Happy New year!

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November 2012 - Give the gift of fun!

Get into the spirit of the season with a "wrapped houseboat." Need help with a gift idea? How about a day on a PWC or a week on a houseboat? All dates and all marinas are now available for booking in 2013. Don't wait too long, however. Some dates fill up quicker than others.
(Labor Day at Lake Mead is already sold out .)

If you can be flexible with your dates, there are savings and values to be had so look into the latest variable pricing details in this issue. Check out the latest Fido Picture of the month. Do you have a great fido picture you want to share? Send it in!       Enjoy the Holidays!

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October 2012 - Cooling off and Warming up! Get your 2013 dates now!

Launch your holiday season with planning tips and tactics for next season. Get some advice to help you leverage your time together with friends and family into next years vacation. Holiday dates and the days of the week they fall on are also listed.

Have you shared your favorite Fido picture on the water, or on a boat? You could be the next "Fido Picture of the Month" winner. The countdown has begun for the 2012 Black Friday Special. The best thing about it, it you don't have to get in line anywhere to score! Just log in! Have a great Holiday Season!

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September 2012 - The Sweet Days of Fall

September and October are a great time to be out on the water. The weather is perfect and the lakes are wide open! Day trips, a fun wine package, and the "fido Picture of the Month" await you in this months edition.

Take a close look at the picture in the Captain's article. You might be suprised at who is steering the houseboat! Dont miss the upcoming Fee Free days in the National Parks. See you out on the water soon!

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August 2012 - Houseboating Plans for the Fall

Discover the magic of waterfalls and rainbows in the desert!
September in the pine forests of Northern California can be one of the best months of the year to go houseboating. Labor Day is coming soon, but it's not too late to get out on the water. Have you thought about your plans for Thanksgiving yet? Want to escape it all on a houseboat?

Read on... Picture your crew on the top deck of a houseboat. Group Photos are a must on any houseboat vacation. Join some guests from a local assisted living facility for a day trip on Whiskeytown Lake and check out the latest Fido Picture of the Month! Brace yourself for this month's Portside Musing...

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July 2012 - Houseboat Vacation and Marina News

School's coming, are you prepared? With many school districts changing return dates and moving schedules around, it might be a good time to review your calendars. Check out the latest Fido Picture of the Month. Have one of your pooch at the lake to share?

California lakes get the spotlight this month with Northern California really warming up. Lake Oroville has two great marinas with boats still available this summer. Slip rentals on both sides of Lake Mead are also a sweet deal. Feedback on last month's article about cell phones was heavy. Read all about it!

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June 2012 - Come on out and play!

Get ready for your summer voyage with tips and information to make your voyage go smoother. Grab your captains hat and outfit your first mate and crew while you are at it. Discover the famous houseboat tradition of the shoebox ceremony and really get off the grid!

Grab a special discount for your small boat rental when you add it to your houseboat reservation too! New facilities are featured at Cottonwood Cove and upgrades are popping up at marinas everywhere. Early board opportunities, some dates that are still open, and more are featured. And don't forget to check out the Fido Picture of the Month and also the Video of the Month featuring Trinity Lake!

Happy Fourth of July America!

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May 2012 - WOO HOO!!! Summer's here!

The summer season is on so don't wait too long to make your reservations. "Dates are dissappearing like ice on a hot August day!"

Check into summer with an article featuring the free cart service at Antelope Point Marina. It takes you, your crew, and your grear, from your car to your houseboat. Tag along discounts are also featured so check into savings when you reserve your small boat with your houseboat.

There is a new houseboat model at Trinity Lake Marina and a whole fleet of brand new SEADOO PWCs at Antelope Point. Cottonwood Cove is getting rave reviews for it's new marina and fresh updated facilities. Thanks for reading Waterways!

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April 2012 - Get Ready to Launch Your Summer

Take a good look (and maybe a cool dip) at the floating "swim Beach" located on Antelope Point Marina, Lake Powell.

Consider hosting your next business meeting or group retreat on the water with Forever Resorts and take advantage of thirty years of experience hosting groups, events, and meetings.

Read on and plan ahead with children's activities and games for adults too! Variable pricing brings you more value than ever. Check out the details. Get ready, Memorial Day is only four weeks away!

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March 2012 - Get Off The Grid

Lower pricing than 2007? It's true! ~ Better fuel economy across the fleet? Yes! ~ Inside fishing news? Anglers get ready! ~ Length of stay discounts, time of year and day of week pricing? Lock in the value! ~ Lake Powell Navigation made easier? Find that and more in this month's Waterways!

And to make sure things don't get too serious, try out the second annual egg hunt. It's not as easy as it might first appear.
Check out the eggs on this houseboat... Enjoy!

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February 2012 - Put Yourself in the Driver's Seat

The fleet's been moved around a bit to make sure there are enough of the right models at the right locations. New Ebbtide speed boats have arrived at Lake Powell and the water's still up at Lake Mead and Lake Powell. You're in the drivers seat with new length of stay discounts and time of year and day of week pricing.

Get up to speed with a special article about fishing on Lake Powell and Lake Mead and enjoy a delicious recipe for baking striper on a houseboat, or at home! And if you're not a friend already, visit your favorite marina on Facebook. Just click the links in this issue of Waterways.

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January 2012 - "Can we go yet?"

The drought at Lake Mead is officially over. There is a new smaller model houseboat in the fleet at Lake Powell, the 50' Forever 8. Some dates are already sold out at Trinity and Berryessa. It's a good time to lock in your dates for this season.

Read about Air/Water temps that might help you decide when to hit the lakes this year and check your calendar for those important dates and what day of the week they will fall on in 2012.

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December 2011 - Season's Greetings!

Check out the Holiday Savings Specials, good on bookings made through the end of this year for next year's houseboat vacations. The holidays are a great time to check in with the crew, gather around the calendar, and pick a date for next year.

Read on for answers to these and other questions: New Years Plans at Lake Powell? Fishing Reports? Last minute gift ideas? Christmas on a houseboat?

Read all about it and more in this month's edition of Waterways!

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November 2011 - Plan to Play!

Thanksgiving is a great time to lay out a plan with your family and crew for 2012. Look into ideas for planning, double check your calendar for dates, days, and holidays and Leverage Your Thanksgiving into a plan for 2012. Have you ever made a ziploc bag omlette?

Houseboat Specials to be Thankful For:
Learn about the Balck Friday and Cyber Monday specials. There are only a few days left to take advantage of the"Kick-off to Savings" special for 2012 dates.

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October 2011 - Hide Away On Your Own Private Beach

Houseboat specials for 2012 dates, first time houseboat information, Lake Mead's ever rising waters, grilled chicken bachelor style, journal entries from a recent trip, and Forever Resorts lodging and tour locations all across the USA. Thanks for reading!

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September 2011 - Escape to your own fall colors!

Houseboat Specials for Fall, Early-Bird Savings and Marina Weddings! Get in on two great opportunities to save by making your reservation before the end of September. Calville Bay is a great place to get married and hit the water on the same day. Read all about it and more in the September 2011 issue of Waterways!

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August 2011 - St-r-e-t-ch your summer!

Take another look at the California Lakes this year. The water levels are up and the next two months will be real gold out on the water! Fall savings are in the air.

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July 2011 - Ahhhhh, Summer's here!

Callville Bay gets the spotlight with new facilities and a great new look. Reservations for 2012 are now available online and new power boats are arriving just in time for summer. Fall Packages are featured and breakfast on the water may make you hungry.

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June 2011 - Rising Water - In The News

Rising water is in the news at Lake Powell and Lake Mead. Check out the new Helicopter and Houseboat Packages and the new LEED certified Marina at Cottonwood Cove. Floatels are open at Echo Bay and You could win a free trip in 2012 if you pick the right day for the high water mark at Lake Powell. (The entry deadline was July 4, 2011)

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May 2011 - Suit up for some fun!

Read about the record breaking snow pack and how it will affect the rising waters of Lake Powell and Lake Mead. Then discover some delicious ideas for crab and shrimp on the beach and look into houseboating value.

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April 2011 - Launch Your Summer on a Houseboat

The egg hunt winners are in from this issue, but you can still have fun trying to find them all.

Consider the fun of taking along a variety of squirt guns on your next houseboat trip for "the kids" and let us know what your favorite spot is. Lake Amistad is open and ready for another great season.

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March 2011 - It's Time for a Great Sunrise!

Check out the beauty of Trinity Lake in northern California, learn about Fee Free Days in the National Parks, and consider the value of two new specials.

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February 2011 - February Waterways

The water is way up at Lake Mead this year and the forcast is for much more before the summer season arrives.

Read about upcoming events like the Polar Beear Plunge at Lake Of The Ozarks in Missouri and the Callville Classic bike race at Callville Bay Marina in Nevada.

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January 2011 - Think summer and warm up!

Read about the 30 Days of Specials begining on January 30th.
To celebrate 30 years of houseboating, Forever Resorts is offering 30 days of unique specials between January 30, and February 28, 2011. There is also information about Fee Free days at the National Parks.

Investigate some of the recent safe boating videos, information, and special websites for children and launch your summer houseboating season safely.

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December 2010 - Season's Greetings!

Read about three families who took two houseboats out on Lake Powell for one heck of a great time. See some of their pictures and read what they had to say about time they spent together during the holidays on the water.

Houseboating with Santa and New Years specials along with the Early Booking Special all end with the year.

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November 2010 - November 2010 - Happy Thankgiving!

Read the inspiring story about a group of super energy women who make their annual houseboating trip a legendary experience for everyone on the lake.

It's time to lock in your dates for 2011 and the holidays are a perfect time to get the family or friends together and plan. Take advantage of the Early Booking Special and the one day Black Friday special.

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October 2010 - Beach Under Your Own "Fall Colors"

Check out the warmth of the desert lakes and take a closer look at Lake Powell, Lake Amistad, Lake Mead, and Lake Mohave. Planning tips are offered to help you plan your own "Houseboating Pitch" before the holidays get here and there is still time to take advantage of some sweet specials for the Fall/Winter season.

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September 2010 - Jet Into Fall!

Take a fun look at the recent houseboat visit by Miss Universe contestants who left their pageant in Las Vegas to enjoy some free time at Callville Bay Marina and Lake Mead. Consider spending your Thanksgiving on the water with an incredible view and save 40% with the Thanksgiving package. The five days for the price of three weekend is a great value and the turkey is included.

The Wine Down at the Lake packages are a great way to relax during California Wine Month. Learn about new houseboat specials for the California lakes and also one to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Hoover Dam. Details about pet accommodations on the water are also offered.
Fall is in the air!

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August 2010 - Fall. It's all there just waiting for you

Fall is a great time to be on the water. Look into the possibility of celebrating Thanksgiving on a houseboat and review some of the benefits like "No unexpected drop-ins." There is a great 5-day special for Thanksgiving with five days for the price of three. Read about the XTra special access for the mobility impaired on the 75' Silver XT Houseboat.

Learn about current specials and how to chat with a live reservations agent at Forever Resorts and get your important vacation questions answered. The top-5 Beverages list highlights some easy to pack and easy to blend frozen drink ideas for your houseboat blender.

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Houseboat trips bring out the smiles
July 2010 - Summer, it's all about the smiles!

Check out the details on how to save big when you book your 2011 dates before September 15. Savor the flavor and share the Secret Shortcut for Grilled Chicken in addition to delicious some tips for Grilling Pineapple.

Take some valuable advice for cool summer houseboating and share some fun ideas for houseboat activities out of the water. Learn how to get your questions answered by a live person on the phone or by using online chat with a Forever houseboat reservations agent.

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Jet ski rentals avaible this summer
June 2010 - Your small boats are ready too!

In this issue, read about how to plan for "early board" on your houseboat, add some fun, add some time, and save. Consider the options for taking along a small boat, personal watercraft (PWC), or other water toys and reserve them ahead of time. Learn how to save 10% on small watercraft rentals when they are booked with a houseboat.

Share some childrens houseboat activities for those times when the kids are out of the water. Find out about the free group photos, now being taken by Forever marina staff at the start of houseboat trips.

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Summer houseboat fun is here
May 2010 - Walk on Water

Look into some great value with summer specials, vacation packages, and fully escorted tours of Rainbow Bridge. Read news from the marinas including a new ramp at Callville Bay/Lake Mead, a New swim platform at Antelope Point Marina/Lake Powell and National Marina Day celebrations.

Join the trek back into time and read about a group of hikers who recently re-traced the steps of Teddy Roosevelt to celebrate the Centennial of Rainbow Bridge National Monument. Look into National Safe Boating week, the Wear it! campaign, and check out the links to the Safe Boating Kidsite.

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Houseboating on Lake Powell
April 2010 - Jump on board

Discover some great shopping and packing tips shared by a yearly houseboating family from Texas. Share their houseboat vacation traditions including one stop shopping on the way to the marina. Read about an easy way to save time by getting your fishing license for Lake Powell ahead of time, online.

Capture your memories with an article about journaling and make the most of the complimentary Forever Journals now included on every houseboat trip. Check out the difference between the 59' houseboat and the 59'XT and see what a difference two feet can make. Blend in some summer fun with five top recipes for delicious cold blender beverages.

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March 2010 - Prepare for fun!

Fuel up for free with the Vacation Values packages and also check out details of other specials. Learn some great tips for meal planning before your next houseboat trip in Map Out Your Menu and get some fun ideas about making smores and what items come in a fully equipped forever houseboat kitchen.

Enjoy the concept of Take Elvis Along in an article that highlights having fun with themes on your houseboat. Read news about National Park week, fishing records being broken at Cottonwood Cove, and the Rainbow Bridge Centennial. Finish off the issue with a spoof and question: Should you wear a watch?

Read the March 2010 Issue »

February 2010 - The 2010 Houseboat fleet is ready and waiting for you!

New 2010 specials are highlighted including a Cottonwood Cove Special, Beat the Heat Special, Vacation Values Packages, Double Up Special and the Rainbow Bridge Centennial Package. Share some peaceful morning sights and smells on the water in Capture Your Own Golden Hour and discover the magic of mornings on a houseboat.

Learn how to back flip on a wake board in Wakeboard Challenge, or at least read about it. And finally, enjoy Where's my family?, a fun story about a family that left their grandma at the marina.

Read the February 2010 Issue »

January 2010 - Launching a New Year!

See a houseboat being launched into the water at Cottonwood Cove. Read about the upcoming Centennial year activities for Rainbow Bridge at Lake Powell and get a feel for what could be in store for you.

Learn how Bald Eagles are landing in ever growing numbers at Lake Mohave in The Eagles Have Landed. Check out some news about Lake Mead water levels rising, fishing records at Lake Mohave, and a sweet valentines special too!

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December 2009 - Give the gift of Houseboating!

Enjoy a light-hearted spoof on what it would take to really wrap a houseboat in How to gift-wrap a houseboat. Read about diving groups who enjoy the scuba friendly waters and facilities at Cottonwood Cove on Lake Mohave.

View some of the top photos uploaded by houseboaters in 2009. Make use of calendar listings of major holidays and what day of the week they fall on in 2009 and take note of some end of the year savings opportunities in Countdown to Savings

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November 2009 - Planning to Play in Summer 2010!

The holidays are the perfect time to plan a houseboat trip. Share some houseoboat planning tips and consider making the most of holiday times when family and friends are together. Read the Top-5 Planning Tools Consider New Years Eve on a houseboat and take a quick look at planned activities on four desert lake marinas.

Read the story about two photographers who came from England to photograph "one of the world's greatest natural wonders," Lake Powell, for the Travel Channel program called "Planet Earth's Natural Wonders." Enjoy the holidays and Happy Thanksgiving!

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October 2009 - Falling into the spirit of the season!

Catch the spirit of fall and consider all of the fun this special time of year can offer. Smores at the beach campfire anyone? Enjoy a touching story about The Lost Ring and re-live timeless romance on the water. Look into the desert lakes and discover how they offer year round houseboating opportunities for fun on the water.

Read about some great star gazing opportunities in the coming winter months and savor the smell of warm frosted cinnamon buns in theTop-5 Fall Flavors. Investigate how Forever houseboats are built from the bottom up in Made for you and learn about efforts to keep your waterways clean.

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September 2009 - Fall has it all!

Discover why many houseboaters believe that fall is a great time to houseboat. Explore the "quieter" side of Lake Mead at Temple Bar Marina. Taste a delicious and simple recipe for grilling shrimp on a houseoboat grill and sample the Top-5 breakfast items on the water.

Take a close look at the 50' Forever 8XT houseboat with some great features and space for eight. Share the heart warming story about Nick and his special wish to the Make a Wish Foundation for a houseboat trip with his family. Look into the Thanksgiving special, turkey included!

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August 2009 - The Joys of Fall houseboating!

Look into Lake Berryessa in Northern California near the Napa Valley wine region and discover all of the fun you and your crew can have at Pleasure Cove Marina. Taste some delicious ideas for simplifying the preparation of mouthwatering hamburgers on the grill.

The Top-5 children's Activities could help you with some ideas to keep the little one's occupied and smiling. Learn about the 44' Patio Pontoon and check out it's fun potential for day trips. Review past specials and packages. Read the story about NFL linebacker, Carl Zander, and learn the details of his families recent houseboating voyage on Lake Powell in Confessions of a Long Time Houseboater.

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